Why Us?

Why Us?

Utility focused technology and outcomes

Valytica takes all of the traditional complexity out of implementing and integrating a new system, providing utility companies with automation and insight into core industry data and processes.  

You can benefit from deep levels of insight and information

Valytica Cloud isn’t just a BI tool – it offers the flexibility to replicate market processes. With Valytica, your existing data can be enriched and validated, and you can gain consolidated insights across market transactions, data quality, settlement accuracy, and much more.  

Valytica seamlessly integrates

Valytica’s software is built to integrate with yours. You won’t need to retrain your team or purchase extensive new systems. From SAP to Excel to Teams to your existing solutions and everything in between – Valytica can integrate with it with a platform designed for speed and security. Continuous data processing in a secure data warehouse delivers outcomes in minutes, not hours.

Valytica’s market-leading approach is the only utility-focused pro-active analytics platform that can identify issues before they’re even created.

Transformation Programme Experience
Combined Industry Experience
UK Water Market Data Analysed

Data Processing

Valytica are an expert in managing, processing, and enriching all utility data types.

Data Processing

Valytica are an expert in managing, processing, and enriching all utility data types.










Our Process

Valytica helps you achieve your company goals. 

Understanding Your Requirements

Valytica combines in-depth industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology with your expertise to quickly identify the added value you’re looking for.

Integrated Cloud Solutions

You can quickly integrate and configure Valytica’s intelligent solutions without disrupting your existing operations.

Continuous Value

Monitoring ongoing value helps you ensure your desired results are being consistently met.


Helping Utility Businesses Do Big Things

Check out how Valytica’s software and services provide value to your business today.

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