Google Bard & Bing GPT: Searching for AI

Google Bard & Bing GPT: Searching for AI

Google Bard and Bing GPT

Intelligent search revolution or just Artificial hype?


With the past week of Google vs. Microsoft AI-wars taking over the tech talk airspace, we can’t help but jump in the conversation. Even with the hiccups and blunders both companies have had since last week’s announcements – we still think this could be the beginning of the next internet revolution.


We’re still waiting for our access to the new Bing with ChatGPT enabler; however, Bing has made a massive play into Google’s bread and butter – Search & Ad Revenue – and it looks cool.



We anticipate that this new way of searching with conversational AI will change how we engage with the web as both business owners and customers:


      1. Focused search results will reduce exposure to multiple answers. As the AI improves, it’s designed to create the 1 perfect answer. This will impact how people ‘stumble’ across your content if it’s not the top answer by the AI Bot.
      2. At this stage, there looks to be no conversation on how this search might (if at all) be monetized. This would impact both ad revenue and SEM as we know it today.
      3. The end of the blue links and how we navigate and explore lists. The way we look at search result pages could go the way of Angelfire website designs. Remember those?
      4. If AI search can surface all of the most valuable content right into the answer, the reason for people to navigate to the source (and explore the content there) will change.
      5. Credibility is key to the success of this new age of search. At the moment AI is still generating some quite incorrect responses (Google’s keynote about telescopes and Bing’s response on Gap’s quarterly reports). If AI can’t actually validate the credibility of the top answer, this could all stay more SCI-FI than reality.


There are so many opportunities that this could bring, some very exciting and some that may impact how we think of search.


What are your predictions?


Have you tried out the new Bing Search with Chat GPT yet?

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