Solving the Mismatched SPID Puzzle in the UK Water Market

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Solving the Mismatched SPID Puzzle in the UK Water Market

Mismatched SPIDs are one of the most complex billing issues to resolve in the UK water market and require complex work across retailers, wholesalers & customers to resolve.

A mismatched SPID (supply point ID) in the UK Water Market refers to a situation where there is an: 

Inconsistency or error in the assignment of a specific water supply point OR
An error in the transfer of the Supply Point Identification. 

A mismatched SPID (supply point ID) in the UK Water Market refers to a situation where there is an: 

These types of errors can occur during the switching process or if the data is different across the customer, the water retailer, the water wholesaler, and/or the market operator. 


This is a problem because a SPID mismatch can lead to incorrect billing, supply disruptions, or challenges in managing the customer’s account.  


How do we find it? 

A mismatched SPID is primarily found when there is a clear difference in supply address between the water and waste SPID of a supply point. Another potential indicator is the customer is being billed for a different meter than the one installed at their premises. In both situations, this is usually a reactive action to an issue raised by the customer. 


How do we fix it? 

To validate the mismatch, information on the central market database is cross-referenced with the retailer billing system and then confirmed with the customer. 


Resolving the mismatched SPID requires coordination and communication between the customer, the retailer, and potentially the market operator – which is time-consuming for the market entities and frustrating for the customer. 


If a front-end customer service agent encounters a mismatched SPID issue, it is recommended to contact the relevant wholesaler and the market operator. These parties will be able to assist in identifying and ensuring that the correct SPID is associated with the correct supply point. 


The following market bilaterals and transactions may need to be submitted: 

C01 – Verification of Supply Arrangement

This bilateral is compulsory to determine which meter is serving which premise. No further action can be taken to resolve the mismatch without confirmation from the wholesaler of the supply arrangements. The wholesaler may also cross-check data with the Market Operator (MOSL) and other relevant entities to identify and rectify any discrepancies or errors.

SPID Transfer

A SPID transfer transaction can be initiated to unpair the incorrect SPID & pair the correct SPID. This process will be undertaken by the wholesaler.

Customer Account Updates

Customer account updates ensure accurate customer information is reflected in the central market database. These transactions help in synchronizing SPID details including contact information, supply address, and any other changes related to the SPID transfer.

Most importantly: throughout the resolution process, it is important to maintain communication with the affected customer and relevant wholesaler to realistically manage expectations. This may involve submitting additional documentation, providing updates, or responding to inquiries related to the mismatched SPID issue. Overall, it can be highly-time consuming; however, over-communication will help reduce complaints and escalations.  

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