Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long does it take to get started?

If you’re using an established Valytica product, you’ll be up and running in as little as a week after receipt of your required data feed. 


If you have bespoke requests or need more configurations to meet your requirements, the timeline may be longer, although that depends on the complexity of your needs.  


Thanks to extensive industry experience layered onto a core technology platform, Valytica can rapidly supply a wide variety of value-adding products for the utilities sector.  

Why is Valytica any different to other IT service providers?

Two primary reasons set Valytica apart from other IT service providers:  


  1. Valytica only serves the utilities sector. With its deep understanding of the utility market (and in particular UK water and Australian energy) and its highly skilled technical team, Valytica can quickly and accurately interpret your requirements with no need for highly detailed functional specifications. 

  2. Valytica’s underlying core platform has been designed to replicate numerous market processes, allowing it to infinitely scale and develop features quickly based on user requirements. 


What can Valytica help us achieve?

Valytica’s team are experts in the field of utility billing and operations. They can help you achieve insights anywhere across your operational portfolio. Valytica’s existing products are designed to identify bill errors, find unbilled transactions, clean your data, automate your settlements and revenue assurance, create visibility across debt/dunning processes, and many more functions.  

Do you offer support for transformation programmes?

Yes, the Valytica team offers highly experienced consultants to help retailers reduce the risks of large-scale transformation programmes. The team has consulted and led more than ten core transformation programmes for some of the largest utility retailers in the UK and Australia and leveraged lessons learned on every programme to help benefit clients and avoid common mistakes made during transformation.  

What is the BCT process?

Valytica’s Billing Confidence Testing (BCT) process has been developed and iterated over the past ten years to provide a complete view of your billing accuracy. This process can be automated to run daily and provides (in our opinion) the most crucial metric indicating progress along with readiness to go live.  

Data and IP:

What happens to our data, and is it secure/compliant?

Depending on your location, your data is stored in line with GDPR compliance on a local server in the UK or Australia.  


Valytica stores large volumes of data for some of the biggest retailers in line with the latest GDPR guidelines. It has inbuilt information asset registers and maintains a record of processing activities (ROPA) for all enterprise clients.  


Valytica has been audited and has no known existing security breaches. 

What is your technology strategy

Valytica strives to be at the forefront of information and cloud-based technology. Valytica Cloud is a backend-agnostic platform that utilises API technology to integrate into any existing billing and settlements ecosystem. Valytica utilises technology from key industry partners, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Case Studies

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